Pingtank | Video

Creative and Marketing Strategist

Pingtank is a social media application backed by Silicon Valley VC Tim Draper and Rapper/Influencer TYGA that was launched in March 2015. Pingtank’s platform, which enables users to put interactive animations over photos, is integrated with Facebook’s mobile messenger.

Pingtank has achieved 200,000+ Monthly Active Users, 350,000+ videos created per week, 3,000,000+ previews played in 30 days


  • Created promotional videos for successful social media campaign resulting in millions of impressions across the web.

  • Filmed, edited, and produced successful Crowdfunder video which resulted in $1 Million in funding.

  • Coordinated user experience research and usability studies to evaluate animations and UX.

  • Using the collected data collaborated with engineering team to define the user model and user interface and user experience.

  • Developed marketing strategies and strategic partnerships for launch of app utilizing social media and PR.

Press: Mashable #1, Mashable #2, Mashable #3, Forbes, Yahoo!, Fox Buisness (video)

Film / Editing

Motion Graphics


Directed rapper / influencer TYGA on set of Crowdfunder videoshoot.